Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quiet day

Today Tessa and I have snuggled; I've drunk coffee (thanks, Ryan) and she's drunk tea with honey to calm her cough. I currently have three ponytails and about 20 barrettes in my hair, thanks to a session of playing hair-dresser together. We've read stories. I've done some tidying, and I'm considering a couple of projects for the afternoon...but we're still in our PJs at noon.

Tessa's still coughing, and I'm hoping that the quiet gets her over the hump.

As for me, I'm trying a day with no expectations for myself. It's actually sort of a treat that the phone doesn't work - usually it rings all day, and today I am appreciative of the quiet. (Don't worry, friends, I do love talking ot you - just today I need quiet.)

And on another note -
There are two homes on my street for sale! Hans and Holly's house went on the market this weekend, and they have done tons of work on it - it's gorgeous, with every detail taken care of, including a wonderful yard, finished basement (YES I have basement envy), remodeled kitchen, and all the rest. And it looks like Mira & David's house has been listed, as well - I haven't been in past their living room, but it's got charm, too. Won't you be my neighbor?! If you're thinking of moving, I can promise you that this is a great neighborhood.

Okay, Tessa just threw up (thankfully in the toilet)....and there goes the day.....arghhhhhhhhhh.

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