Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back at home

We arrived home last night, tired and sandy, glad to see home again. Mozart was glad to see us, and we're glad to sleep in our own beds. The beach was wonderful, and it would be hard to leave if we didn't have our own beaches at home, but as it was we were both sad and glad to leave. There is truly no place like home.

And now it's the craziness of catch-up. Weeks worth of mail, laundry, un-done gardening, and the like. Off to the races!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The perfect sand castle

This post is to remind me that today Tessa and I created the perfect sandcastle.

Just a bucket, a shovel, one perfect mound. A little moat, a little stick drawbridge, and sand dollar decorations. Not special to the outsider, but perfect to us.

No pictures as the camera is out of batteries, but I dont' want to forget the moment.

Mini update from Cannon Beach

Ryan is on a bike ride, and Tessa and I are almost ready to take Shep for a romp on the sand. We'll bring sand toys, and be prepared to get damp, so that Tessa can explore the tide pools.....ahhhhhh.

Further news from Ryan's new employer has him starting perhaps Sept. 8; the signature chain from managers is going well but SLOWLY. The company has new employees do an orientation in DC upon starting, and since the orientation is only offered on Mondays and Sept. 1 is a holiday, his start date gets bumped further. That's okay; it gives our family time to get some projects done, and Ryan can be there for Tessa's first day of kindergarten.

Off to our vacation. Sending our love to everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cannon Beach & Happiness

Ahhhhhh. This is the good life.

We are at the Surfsand Resort at Cannon Beach - a sister property of the Stephanie Inn, where we got engaged and also got married. We got an incredible deal thanks to a little negotiating with a willing reservations agent :-) and we are staying for four nights - hurrah! Our room has a fireplace, a giant tub, a walk in shower, flat screen TVs, and a full bar with kitchen essentials like mini-fridge and microwave. When we arrived, they gave Tessa a sand bucket and signed her up for the kids club; they delivered her cookies at bedtime. When we got to our room, there was a pet package (yes, Shep is with us, as this hotel has some pet friendly rooms) and there was a dog bed, bowls, dog towels, etc. all waiting for us.

Right now, I hear the roar of the surf outside our door. We only get the beachfront room for one night, and the next few nights we get a view of the parking lot, but I don't care! We're at Cannon Beach and loving it.

We went on the beach tonight, and Shep ran and raced in circles, and we all joined him. Ahhhhh.

And we're celebrating, too, because we got the information about the benefits package, and it looks great....including four weeks of vacation plus sick time plus holidays. This is just what we'd hoped for! We still don't have the formal offer because it's going through the signature process but everything is moving ahead smoothly, albeit slowly, and the recruiter isn't at all concerned so we're not, either. Instead, we're enjoying beach time.

We'll post more information about the company etc when we've signed the offer, but we're excited. And we can't wait to have Sue & Phil over to celebrate, as Phil helped Ryan to find this opportunity.

Signing out - off to relax. See you later!