Thursday, December 22, 2005

A regular day, but tired now

I had another good day - a playdate with Heather & Kelton on Vashon this morning (we made cookies, and Heather sent us home with some, much to Ryan's delight), and then grocery shopping in the afternoon, and then I made a (simple) dinner. Now I'm completely worn out, but I am hopeful that I will awaken tomorrow refreshed and ready to go. I'd better - I have a lot of Christmas stuff to complete.

Tomorrow I'll pick up the roast (and the horseradish, which I forgot to buy...oops!) and then we're set for all the Christmas groceries. I've got my food list of what I need to do and when, and tomorrow I'll bake some more.

I can't wait to awaken on Christmas morning, and to see the sparkle in Tessa's eye. There is too much to do between now and then, but it's worth it.

And now, off to bed I go, because today I know when to say "enough." Wrapping Tessa's presents can wait one more day.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

As the chemo leaves my system

Joy, joy, joy. Today at two o'clock in the afternoon, Ryan looked at me and said, "Usually at this time on a Wednesday, we'd be arriving at the doctor's office to start chemo." Well, not today, and hopefully never again! My heart skips a beat - happily - to think that I'm putting this chapter behind me.

The weekend was a bit rough because I was feeling the effects of the chemo, and on Monday I still didn't feel that great. Tuesday I felt a bit better, but much less than I'd hoped to, and my spirits sank a bit to think that chemo recovery was going to be harder than I thought. Then I woke up today, though...feeling good. At last! Today I've accomplished more than I had in weeks, and it feels marvelous. I know that I'm getting better because I'm seeing all kinds of things around the house that are bugging me and I'm making lists about what I need to do first, which projects to start, menus to plan, last minute Christmas tasks...and the ideas don't exhaust me, they energize me.

This weekend I did fundraising (Barnes & Noble gift wrapping, and the Farmer's Market) with my dear friends again - although they spent more time than I did as I got worn out too quickly. I am VERY pleased to report that these events have raised over $800 in cash donations for the 3-Day Walk. We are going to make a difference with this disease. We WILL find a cure.

Sunday evening Paul & Libby brought dinner, and we enjoyed chatting with them and catching up. We're looking forward to spending New Year's with them - that's a tradiation that we truly enjoy. (This year, Tessa's staying with Grammy & Grandpa. Hurrah - everybody will love that!)

We went to Portland on Monday and Tuesday to visit Ryan's parents, and we were both delighted to see that Dad is doing very well after his stroke. Dad's eyes still twinkle, and he's in good spirits, and his physical therapy is going well. We are all optimistic for a full recovery, and we're delighted at the progress he's making.

Today we went to PEPS at Beth's in the morning (and enjoyed cookie decorating for the kids - what a fun way to spend time), then lunched in the Junction with some PEPS friends, ran an errand or two, then came home. I started making my lists of things to do, then ran out to run more errands. While at Westwood Village, I hear my name being called, and lo and behold it's Michele - also sans child - calling me. We had a lovely chat for an hour at Starbucks before returning to our individual errands. Then, after returning home, we walked to friends' Kathleen & Jim's home, and the adults chatted and enjoyed a wonderful dinner (thank you Kathleen for slaving over the stove for us!) while the girls played and cavorted. Tessa and Elena are becoming the best of friends, and I really love hearing their giggles and watching them chase one another. (Sure, sharing is hard for them sometimes, but their joy far outweighs any bursts of temper.)

I have laundry to fold, lists to check, and lots to do tonight. I know I must pace myself but I feel such incredible joy to feel halfway like a normal human being that I'm savoring this newfound energy. I'll take it where I can find it!

Love to all,