Friday, November 10, 2006

Surgery Update- Success!

Hi All

This is a short note from Ryan (aka the hubby) that Kristina's reconstruction surgery went very well today. Both Dr Miles and Kristina are very happy with the result. Kristina, and her TWO breasts, will be recovering at Swedish (main hosptial corner of Broadway and Madison) for the next few days and is currently in Room 812 SW. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and well wishes. Thank you Grammy and Grampa for taking Tessa and Shep on a jaunt in the Motor coach and thank you Marisa for coming to hang out at the hosptial with the spouse for a few hours while he awaited the results. The next post will probably come from Kristina in the next few days

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stomach flu update

Tessa napped for two hours (unheard of!) and she's up and feeling MUCH better. Hurrah! We've cancelled all social plans but we're going to run a couple of errands to prepare for the busy week(s) ahead....

Please, just no more barf, that's all I ask.....!

Tessa has the stomach flu

In 24 hours I am supposed to leave for the hospital to have surgery, and my baby has the stomach flu. WAHHHHHH! She woke up and said, "My tummy hurts" which she never, ever does (some kids talk about sore this and sore that, but Tessa doesn't ever mention things like that, so when she does I really stand up and take notice) and she's thrown up a couple of times this morning, despite the fact that she didn't eat a bite of breakfast. We are laying low and I'm doing my best to take care of her; we've read stories, and we've had a bubble bath together, and lots of snuggling in the rocking chair has occurred. However, right now she's under the covers, blanket and bear and two mermaid dolls in hand, looking pale and saying "Mommy I just want to rest."

Wahhhh. My poor, sweet girl does not need this now any more than I do! She's a bit anxious about my surgery, too, I think, and about being apart from me for a long time (5 nights in the hospital for me, and then I won't be able to care for her for a while after that), and I had set aside this day as a "fun" day to play together and just enjoy each other. We were going to meet the Hisatomi's to play together, and then meet the Landahl family at the children's museum in Bellevue to play and have dinner at Red Robin, and needless to say, that's off the calendar.

I can't wait until the Christmas holidays. By then, this will be a memory, and I'll be living my regularly scheduled life!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Less than 48 hours 'til a boob job

I have known since the day I was diagnosed that I would do reconstruction. I have not wavered, not one little bit, in that decision, and I am not wavering now.

However...I was diagnosed nearly a year and a half ago, and on Friday I'm going to do reconstruction on the treated side. That's a year and a half of cancer treatment, and I'm so, so, so tired of it all. I took a break from anything major from June (when I was mostly healed from my lat flap) until now, only doing Herceptin & Femara for treatment (and the usual bloodwork, onc visits, etc.). On Friday, I will be back in the hospital, and I will feel horrible, and I can't believe that I'm about to enter that land again!

It's worth it. I know that. But it's very hard to say, "I know I feel good now but I'll feel pretty lousy soon," and to do it voluntarily.

I want two breasts. I DESERVE two breasts. We all do! I guess I just want a pep talk of some sort...anyone???