Tuesday, May 29, 2007


My volunteering at Race for the Cure is coming together - I'm going to be a very busy girl for the next few weeks. I am immensely proud of the work that I'm doing with Komen, and grateful for the opportunity to head up this program...but I will also be hugely relieved when all of the pieces come together. As with most large projects, there are last minute components...and those make me crazy or nervous. But, somehow, it will all come together. I'm looking forward to that moment today!

Monday, May 28, 2007

the end of a long weekend

Ryan has put Tessa to bed; we are all fed, PJ'd, and tired. It was a good weekend: a day of hanging out with Paul & Libby in Edmonds (Ryan & Paul did a long ride, too), and then two days of chores. Usually chores wouldn't excite me so much but we really did make quite a bit of headway on the house: Ryan stained the deck, and it's looking more ready for summer. I did a ton of weeding, and the front bed looks almost acceptable (it had become, really, quite embarrassing it was so weedy) and ready to put in some more plants. Ryan mowed the lawn, and we both cleaned closets and did miscellaneous chores. We practically emptied the guest room closet - all of those old clothes that we thought we'd wear someday but never will are now ready to go out to Goodwill (and alas, our attic is filling up with this stuff again!). I did a ton of filing and tidied up the office - which has been a pet peeve of mine - while Ryan tidied up the laundry room (which doubles as a bike room). All in all, our house looks and feels much more comfortable now and I'm so glad that we did those things.

But I'm TIRED! My goodness! I am not accustomed to manual labor, and the gardening in particular is kicking my butt. It actually feels good, although it's a hurts-so-good kind of thing. I'm proud of the work we accomplished, and glad that our house got the TLC.

There is a lot more work to do - isn't there always? - but I'm inspired to do more of the gardening. Some of my friends have absolutely beautiful gardens, and I think it's time for me to work a little harder on ours. At least to the point where I'm not embarrassed any more. ;-) (The beds with the rhodies, up close to the house, are a disaster still. Hopefully later this week...!)

So tonight my back and shoulders ache, but I don't mind. All in a good day's work!