Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm home from Orcas, and feeling fortunate because I had a GREAT time on Orcas, but also because I was really ready to be home. It's nice to have it both ways.

Here are a few pictures from Orcas - expect further updates later but I'm barely home and have lots of catching up to do.


- the frog funeral (details to follow)

- dancing to the oldies

- a great meal prepared by Marisa

- gelato at Enzo's (muliple occassions)

- the summer solstice parade

- hiking with Tessa and Shep around Cascade Lake

- hiking with Tessa, Michele, Elliott and Everett to the beach at Obstruction Pass State Park

- collecting shells on the beach

- drinking wine with Michele at night when the kids were asleep

- hot tubbing was all pretty fabulous, actually. Always good to come home, but it was a great trip. More details to come!