Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I did not sleep last night.

Why, why, why?

Today I'm in my bathrobe and a wreck from the lack of sleep.

Tonight will be better, right?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day tripping

Today's day trip was a short one - just up the road to the U-District. The Hisatomis joined us, and together we ate a fabulous but cheap Mexican meal at a funky place (Agua Verde), then walked up to the quad to see the incredible cherry trees in blossom. The quad was filled with college students, but also many families like ours out to enjoy the achitecture and blossoms. The kids climbed trees, the dogs sniffed around and made new friends, and a good time was had by all. We walked to Drumheller Fountain to enjoy the views, and the kids got an added bonus: feeding the ducks and geese. Then, while the Hisatomis returned home, we headed up memory lane and drove Tessa by the first house that Ryan and I lived in together, in Wallingford, and then popped over to Fremont for a coffee.

Little days like this are the best. It's the simple things - being outdoors, being with friends, enjoying nature (even in the city), creating memories but also enjoying old memories. Ahhh.

This Friday Tessa is off school and we were going to go to Portland, but Mom & Dad's house is showing well and they don't need our help now. So, instead, we're going to head to Skagit Valley to enjoy daffodils or tulips or whatever else appears....we can wander through La Conner, have lunch at the Calico Cupboard or some new place. I would love to do more little day trips like this - some, within the city, like hanging out in Ballard or downtown.

We are loving spring. We've gotten some yard work done (a few hours of that yesterday and I'm still stiff), we're spending more time outdoors. I'm waiting for the dirt to settle a bit, but I've prepared three rows for planting. Soon we'll be getting garden veggies again. I even found some flowers starting on the strawberries as I was weeding, so strawberry season can't be too far away.

Another reason to love spring? Our congregation is about to get a new home of our very own - instead of renting space in the Masonic Lodge (no windows, folding chairs, no proper classrooms) we will have a real, honest-to-goodness sanctuary, classrooms, natural light. I can't wait! Our church is an important part of our family culture, and I'm so grateful to have found it. Will this be the place Tessa chooses to get married? Time will tell!

Speaking of church, I've got a Religious Education Council meeting tonight...gotta go!