Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home again and doing well

I got home from the hospital on Tuesday night, earlier than anticipated, but I've been pretty out of it until today so haven't been on to update. I'm still loopy from Vicodan and need my afternoon nap, but I did have enough energy for a short post.

My new breast is tiny and bruised, but she shows potential. And the implant exchange on the other side went well, with almost NO pain post-surgery, and looks and feels almost exactly like a real breast (instead of the rock that it felt like with the expander in place).

Today I got the drains removed - hurrah. Those things are necessary, of course, but felt evil. This time, getting them pulled hurt...but it's done and that's a good thing.

I have felt surrounded by friends and family. My mom is staying with us until tomorrow to help care for us and I'm truly grateful.

I'm on Vicodan for pain and today I've been up for the first time, and actually left the house to go to the coffee shop (LOVE C&P!) and then to the plastic surgeon's office to have the drain I'm a bit wiped out now, and ready for a nap. But I love that with each passing hour I feel a bit better, and that I will continue to get better and better with no major setbacks looming on the horizon. HURRAH!

I'm loopy from the meds but let's see if I can get this thought down:

When I was first diagnosed, and had my mastectomy, I told Tessa "It's okay. One day the doctors will build me a new breast," and that thought carried me through some dark and dismal days. "One day" seemed like it would never come, but I held the thought. Well, that day finally did come, and I'm so glad of it. Seventeen months without a breast felt like ENOUGH, and I feel, as this new body part grows to resemble what it is replacing, that maybe I can put some of this behind me and move on to my real life...the one post-treatment. Sure, I'll be taking Femara, getting scans regularly, going for Herceptin infusions, talking to my oncologist etc....but the really really hard stuff is behind me and that is worth celebrating. "One day" has finally arrived!