Friday, May 12, 2006

WOW - Yard Sale Update

Today, for the first time, I fully understand how GIGANTIC the yard sale is going to be. People brought by items all day long, and I'm thrilled by the sheer enormity of goods that we have to sell. There's furniture, more clothes than any 20 people could wear, a Toys'R'Us worth of toys and children's thing, and household stuff enough to furnish a couple homes (I think I counted 8 lamps, 4 crockpots, etc).

So many people are helping with time and donations that I am truly touched (and overwhelmed). I look forward to a festive atmosphere tomorrow - come on by if you live in the area, and see what treasures we have for sale! 100% of the proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer 3-Day. We WILL find a cure.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

drains out!

Today, as planned, my two remaining drains were removed. HURRAH! I hated those things, and I'm already much more comfortable. I feel fortunate as some women have had to keep their drains in for as long as a month, so at one week, I really won the prize.

This means that I also got to see my breast without bandages on it. It's not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but it looks like it has a lot of potential. It's tiny right now, and yellow with bruises, and bright blue (!) stitches where they removed the nipple, and swelling where there isn't usually swelling...but one day, it will look like a "real" breast and I live for that moment.

I'm only taking a pain pill at night at this point, and I'm able to function during the day without one. That's good, because some of the pain meds make my vision fuzzy and my head feel fuzzier, so I like to avoid them.

Good night, all!

Drains come out today; yard sale update

The drains are coming out today - hurrah! hurrah! I hate the ()@()&%#) things, and it will be quite a relief to be rid of them.

I will be at doctor's appointments (plastic surgeon for drain removal, regular oncologist appt, regular Herceptin infusion) all afternoon, but this morning Ryan's dropping Tessa and I off at PEPS. I'm still a bit hesitant to drive because I can't lift my arm up very high (a problem for steering) but I'm hopeful that I'll get clearance to drive soon.

Tomorrow night I'm going to Northwest Hope and Healing's fashion show fundraiser, and I'm looking forward to the girls' night out aspects as well as to contributing (in a small way) to the cause.

Friday and Saturday will be taken up by the yard sale; on Friday evening there will be a pricing/sorting party, and the yard sale itself is at our house on Saturday. I'm realling hoping to break $1000 on this sale, as tons of people are contributing items for donation, and it's part of the MegaWatt sale so we're getting free advertising and publicity, so we expect a lot of traffic. All proceeds go to The Breast Cancer 3-Day; participants in the yard sale who are doing the 3-Day will split the proceeds of the yard sale to contribute toward their individual 3-Day totals. I'm amazed at how much work must go into this sale, and I'm amazed at how kind people are about helping. I am truly blessed!

If you're in West Seattle on Saturday, c'mon by the the sale at my house. There are a ton of baby/kids' items, as well as household items, a few items of furniture, clothing, and much much more. Out of the thousands of items donated, surely something would suit you? :-)


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Home sweet home

I got home yesterday, and my mom brought Tessa home today, and so our family is together at home at last. It feels very good to be home!

I got the pathology from the removed breast: CLEAN! No evidience of cancer anywhere in the breast. What a relief!

Tomorrow I have doctor's appointments, and Thursday I hopefully will get the two remaining drains out (one has already been removed). Things move quickly, but not nearly as quickly as I hope for, of course.

I'm still feeling loopy from all the drugs but I'm weaning from some of the pain meds, so that should improve soon.