Monday, April 09, 2007


Quick post as Tessa does some art and Ryan runs an errand...

Shep update:

He is going to be okay, but Shep was hit by a car on Saturday. It makes my stomach lurch just thinking about it, as Tessa and I witnessed the whole thing. Shep escaped past me when I opened the gate from the back to the front yard, and chased a neighbor's dog (his buddy) to play with him. Shep was so fast that that lady driving her SUV down the street didn't have a chance to stop, and she ran over his back foot. There was a significant amount of blood, and I could see all of the bones in Shep's really makes me tremble when I think of it. Our neighbor held Shep while Tessa and I raced back to the house for the car keys, jumped in the car (parked in the back alley garage) and zoomed to the front of the house to get him. Shep cried piteously, and I don't blame him, as the injury looked painful beyond belief. The neighbor helped us to load him up in the car, and we went the vet, which was mercifully open and only two blocks away. The vet met us with a team at the animal hospital, and whisked Shep away on a stretcher to assess and help. Only when Tessa and I were seated in the waiting room, Tessa hugging me and me returning that hug, did I break down and cry. What an awful thing to witness; what pain for Shep; what a traumatic experience for Shep, Tessa (she was so brave, dear girl) and I.

The long and the short is that Shep will be okay. His foot was "de-gloved" (that means what it sounds like - awful) and he broke only one toe - amazing! He is in a splint/cast and very subdued, but loving and sweet. He will heal. He had surgery to fix what was fixable, and only time will tell how it will heal and if the skin will close, or if it will be an open wound. Tomorrow we take him back for his check up.

Shep is a royal pain in the you-know-what, and I know I complain about him pulling on the leash, or shedding, or chasing other dogs to play, but man I love that dog. He is an absolutely wonderful companion, and he's part of our family. I am so grateful that things weren't worse.


We leave next week. HURRAH! Dear Jenny is going to watch Shep (we'll pay her what we would have paid the kennel) so that Shep isn't with a bunch of dogs at the kennel, and he will be loved and cared for, so we are grateful. And I can't wait to plunk my derriere on a beach!

San Fran:

I leave on Thursday (returning Monday) and I'm looking forward to it - it's fun for me in my role as a stay-at-home-mom to play the role of a professional, and it's also fun to anticipate downtime on the airplane and in the hotel by myself! Best of all, at the end of the business part, I get to spend a day and a half with Carolyn. Lucky me!

Was wonderful. We had our West Seattle friends over for brunch, and the kids went wild for the egg hunt. In the afternoon/evening, my parents, Mike, Krystal and their boys Caleb and Joshua came over for dinner (mom brought leg of lamb, and we made loads of veggies to go with it) and the kids played and the adults chatted. I felt fortunate to have such a wonderful day.

AMAZING. There are 23 on our team officially, and we've collectively raised almost $22,000. I can hardly believe how wonderful these women are, and how fortunate I am to have them in my life. We have a guy on the team now, too - hurrah for Kevin for being man enough to wear pink and hang with the ladies!

Race for the Cure/I am the Cure:
I have work to do, and I look forward to moving forward with it. The program is awesome and I'm glad to work with it.

My body is not liking running right now; my sciatic pain (this is what inspired the bone scan last December...horribly painful at times but not life threatening as it turns out!) is returning and my body is angry when I run. I'm trying to do some non-impact stuff right now instead. I STILL plan on that marathon; I just need to work up to it slower than I had been, so I'm scaling back.

Overall health:
Pretty good, all things considered. I am regaining range of motion, I'm adjusting to the bigger-than-I'd-like-boobs, and my tumor markers are consistantly low. My thyroid is off and so we're working on getting that back together so that I won't be so **** tired - I'm really feeling fatigued right now for reasons I can't otherwise explain. I'm having Femara issues, too....joint pain, and the fatigue may be part of that. BUT it's okay: I am generally healthy and I can live with the side effects as long as they don't kill me! I also have a MUGA tomorrow to see if the occassional lightheadedness that I've been feeling, along with some other random side effects, are heart related (Herceptin) or maybe something else. I suspect that the MUGA will be fine...fingers crossed! I continue to take Herceptin.

In the Easter picture with some girlfriends I can't believe how 5 extra pounds shows on me!!!! I'm working on losing it. I hit "Lifetime" for Weight Watchers on May 25 and certainly by my 1 year anniversary of hitting lifetime I plan to have lost that. Harumph! I'm supposed to be in a bikini in less than two weeks....!

There is more to post but that is all I have energy for tonight. Love to all!