Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another breast cancer angel

Today I received the news that an online "friend," whom I had mentioned in my earlier post as having posted her good-bye to the YSC group, passed away yesterday. She was a lovely woman, and a fighter, and she leaves behind children.

I hate cancer.

Sick Tessa

Well, Tessa's cold has morphed into something yucky, and the poor kid isn't doing all that well. We met friends for lunch in the Junction, but Tessa didn't really want to talk or play...she just wanted to lay her head on me. Uh oh - that's not my girl at all! We called the nurses' line at the clinic, and the nurse was concerned that her symptoms (fever, deep cough, lethargy, lack of appetite) all pointed to pneumonia. Needless to say, we went to the doctor today in a hurry when we heard that! The doc does not believe that it's pneumonia...yet. Tessa's lungs don't sound like she has pneumonia, but sometimes the doc says they can miss that, so the poor girl is on her second round of antibiotics this month. (Fortunately, the last time she had any was April '05 so she hasn't been overdosed with them. Phew.) I really discussed the pros and cons of another round of antibiotics with the doc, but in the end, the fear of this bug really getting into her lungs worse than it aldready is prompted us to go for the second round.

Soooo, our Christmas vacation isn't full of going to the Children's Museum or aquarium or snowshoeing or having friends around for dinner...instead, it's filled with Clifford videos, reading stories, snuggling, and naps. We are disappointed, but the required downtime is probably good for all of us at some level.

I went to Barnes & Noble and picked up some chapter books for Tessa - I can't believe that she's ready for them, but she's just eating them up. We finished an entire "Junie B. Jones" book in one sitting today (big thumbs down from me on that one, but Tessa liked it) and now we're reading one about a princess who loves ponies - you can imagine what a hit that one is! I have a feeling we'll make it through several of them by the time Tessa perks up.

Tomorrow Ryan will stay home with Tessa while I go to get Herceptin and then spend some quality time with Michele; Friday, Ryan will go out and about (I sense a bike ride coming on!) while I stay home with Tessa. If we're lucky we'll go snowshoeing this weekend, but only time will tell.