Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have an appt on Thurs with a hand specialist. OUCH is all I can say now!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Practicing a good attitude

Yesterday Tessa and I went ice skating - so much fun! I was having a ton of fun until I went too fast and lost control and fell backwards (I think I must have looked like a cartoon character at that moment), landing full on my right wrist. OUCH. Actually, I'm proud that I called out "ouch" and not some less child-friendly word because it really hurt.

I've been icing it and I got a wrist brace to wear, too, which protects it from bumps and holds it steady. It really, really, really hurts. (I can't say that enough - i'm feeling quite sorry for myself ont hat front.) I took two oxycodone left over from another operation and it is still a sharp pain and I can't pick anything up with that hand. I am wearing a simple dress today that pulls over my head becasue I could not button my own jeans.

Obviously, this has some challenges.

I will go to the doctor tomorrow for an xray and suspect that I have a broken wrist - online searching says that is probably the case, and a doctor friend at church suspects that too. Whatever it is, it isn't good.

But it will be okay.

A broken wrist isn't ideal, of course, but it's okay. It's not permanent. It won't try to kill me. It won't require poisoning or burning my body to cure it. It IS curable. It does not change how much my family lvoes me, or how comfortable our home is, or how mcuh I enjoy my friends. It does not mess with my family, threaten Tessa's childhood or my marriage.

A wrist is just a wrist.

It hurts a lot, but pain is just pain. Oxycodone is my friend. I will take care of this and deal with it, and I promise that I will complain about it until you beg me to be quiet. But I am so grateful to have a normal problem - I fell while ice skating. Nothing more or less.

Maybe this is a chance for down time. And wearing yoga pants for weeks on end. Namaste!