Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I am just home (well, okay, I've been home for a while now) from a great training walk with Heather (ironically, she's not on the team, but she was up for the walk and I was so glad for the company!) along Alki. We did about 7.5 miles and it felt great to get out and move. It's time for me to really train for the 3-Day, and though 7.5 miles isn't impressive in the face of 60 miles, it's a nice little walk none-the-less. The weather was gorgeous, Alki was sparkling with sun on the water and people milling all over the place, and it was great to catch up with Heather without the interruptions of little kids. (Love those children, but they're not the best at allowing adult conversations!)

And maybe this will help my muffin-top to go away. And go away NOW! Ryan's reunion is in 18 days and I'm going to lose five pounds. I'm DETERMINED! :-) Not just for the reunion, but it's a nice goal to have in front of me, and I'd like to feel good in a bathing suit for the rest of the summer.

In other working out news...
My body is not letting me train for a marathon. I'm having to revise my 2007 goal to be running a 1/2 marathon, no walking (by this I mean 1 minute walk breaks but not walking miles). I may be able to run/walk a marathon in 2007, but I won't be able to run the whole thing. My body is just not cooperating....too much fatigue and joint pain from the **** drugs. Grrr.

Monday, July 09, 2007

A summer day in West Seattle

This morning, Tessa had soccer class at the Delridge Playfield, and afterwards we played at the play structure with Anna & Beth. Then, Tessa and I popped in on Marilyn to meet the new baby (already three weeks old!) and to deliver a small gift (thank you to Mom S. for doing the embroidery!). Then, a quick trip the grocery store and lunch, then off to Alki to meet Molly & Ellie for some beach time. Tessa was a bit of a grump (grrr that's an understatement) and it was a bit windy at Alki despite the warmth, so we headed back to our house and the girls played in the wading pool in the back yard while Molly and I chatted.

Then, a few chores around the house, and I made dinner and packed it up as a picnic. Ryan got home, showered (he rode his bike to work today), and then we loaded up the jogging stroller, snapped a leash on Shep, and walked the mile or mile and a half to Lowman Beach Park for a picnic (and time for Tessa to play on the swings). Then, home again, visiting with neighbors out in their yards as we passed by, and time to tuck Tessa in to bed. In a moment, Ryan and I will go cool off a bit in the back yard by laying out in the hammock, enjoying the evening breeze, and then I think I'm off to bed!

This is my idea of a good day. Jam packed, but also full of fun.

I think that Tessa is still feeling slightly off after her illness; she's not sick at all but she's also not recovered, as she's a bit more tired than usual and a bit more grumpy than usual (oh dear). I think she enjoyed the stroller ride tonight - out enjoying the summer air, but not as active.

I'm counting my points on Weight Watchers and hoping to see improvements SOON. My muffin-top needs to go away immediately - ugh. Having gotten rid of it once I know I can do it again but the sooner the better! Ryan's high school reunion is at the end of the month and I intend to look smashing. ;-)

Yesterday we did quite a bit of yard work - trust me, the yard REALLY needed it! - and I'm so pleased with the results....it's amazing what a few hours of work can do. I enjoy sitting out back so much more when the weeds are pulled and the plants are perky from being watered and the walkway is swept, etc. It makes me really enjoy being at home, and count my blessings, rather than just thinking "oh I have so much to do". Of course, there is much work still to be done, but now I see the progress and I like that. :-)

Have a good night!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

(Something is going on with Blogger where I can't title my posts. Whatever!)


This week I'm in recovery from the preceeding week and a half. I'm coming down from the terror of Tessa's illness and my scan-scare, and trying to forge ahead.

Yesterday, I did 12 miles around Greenlake (4.5 running, walking the rest) and we went to a birthday party for Jackson & Carter (great to see the Landahl & Neufeld & Chin clans). Today, Ryan watched Paul do a time trial and then hooked up with Tessa and I at the zoo, where we were enjoying Daven's Safari-style birthday party. Now we're home, and I'm procrastinating for a little while before doing some heavy weeding (ugh the garden is a mess!).

Recovery. This weekend is going well, though Tessa's still a bit tired and still looks so painfully thin to me (her pants were falling off her rear-end today...she really did lose some weight, and she's so thin to begin with)...she's also a bit grumpy after her week of illness. But it's all okay, and this week promises to deliver more!