Saturday, June 17, 2006

Race for the Cure/Cannon Beach

Today, I did Race for the Cure, and it was a great experience. There were more people than I could ever see at once: the event was held on the viaduct, and when I was at a high point, I couldn't see the end of the people ahead or behind me. It's powerful to think of how much money must have been raised to fight the cause, and how many people cared enough to spend their morning doing this event. We got pictures: one of Paul, Ryan, myself and (sleeping!) Tessa; another of Tessa and I with Gov. Christine Gregoire; several of Tessa with various mascots, etc. I'm glad I did this event, and hope to do it again next year....maybe with a big team!

Tomorrow, we leave for Cannon Beach, and I can't wait. We haven't taken more than a weekend to get away for a LONG time, and I'm really looking forward to the break. Shep will come with us, we'll stay in a little hotel (dog friendly), we'll play on the beach, we'll fly a kite together for the first time, we'll build sand castles, we'll drink coffee at our favorite Cannon Beach coffeehouse....bliss. The simple pleasures! We'll be back on Wednesday (although we might try to reschedule my Herceptin appointment to Thursday or Friday so that I could come home a day later. We will see!)

Love to all,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shep update - nothing to worry about

Well, we took Shep in to the vet today, and we don't have any reason to be really concerned. It may be that he has kennel cough, but a perhaps even more likely scenerio is that his trachea is very sore from surgery (he would have had a tube down his throat) and combined with that he's been pulling at his leash and so the trachea might be extra irritated, and that could be the reason for the little cough. Also, he's on a new diet, in a new place, so he may have a bit of an upset tummy, leading to the lack of eating.

The cure? I'm currently cooking my dog's dinner! He will be dining on rice and chicken today, and it's simmering in the rice cooker as we speak. Hopefully this mild diet will help his tummy as he transitions to a healthy diet at our house, and he will return to his prior energy levels.

We think that Shep is starting to understand that he lives here, and he's getting more and more comfortable. He's not a big fan of the car yet (though he mellows as soon as he's loaded up), and we think that this is because every time he got in a car he got a new home...first one shelter, then another, then our house. We like to believe that he loves being with us, and the idea that we'd take him somewhere else makes him sad, so he doesn't want to get in the car. In any case, that's improving.

We have booked a trip to Cannon Beach (and we're staying at a hotel that allows dogs), leaving on Father's Day, returning Wednesday. This will be a GREAT time to take a break before Ryan begins his new job. Hooray!


Sick puppy!

We think it's just kennel cough, but our little guy is really lethargic today and is refusing food (which, based on our short experience with him, is NOT his nature). We're going to go to the vet this morning to get him checked out and get some meds. I like how well behaved he is right now (sleeping on his little bed all day long) but I hate the fact that he obviously doesn't feel well.

I'm working on getting better pictures of Shep, but he's either so active that I can only get half of him in the picture as he runs out of the frame, or he's a blur, or (today) he's just so sorrowful looking. Just trust that he's WAY cuter in person than he is in these pics.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Great news

At long last, we have great news to announce.

In addition to falling ever deeper in love with our puppy Shep (he's fabulous!) - certainly a highlight this week, Ryan has accepted a job offer at PAR3 in Seattle. Ryan had the honor of receiving quite a bit of interest from a variety of companies, but the PAR3 offer was the most appealing, and Ryan is excited to begin in two weeks. We are ever so grateful to Randal for giving Ryan an internal recommendation, and to Marisa for pointing out that PAR3 might be a great place to apply.

Dare we think that our luck has changed? My recent good health, our lovely puppy, and Ryan's job seem to bode well for our futures. I am filled with optimism and hope.

In all of this good news, we also received some sad news. Today, my brother's puppy, adopted only 72 hours earlier, died. Mike, Krystal, and Caleb (fortunately, Josh is too young to be too affected) are devastated, and our hearts break for them, for we know what it is to love an animal. It's a strange world we live in: Ryan and I have light hearts because of all of the positive changes in our lives, and at the same time (initially unbeknownst to us) little Titan's passing was breaking the hearts of others.

We are trying to live each moment to the fullest. We never know where life will take us, or what surprise (good or bad) awaits us, so I'm living in the moment, trying to squeeze a lifetime worth's joy into each minute.