Thursday, March 20, 2008

Off to the doc

Tessa is much better today, and didn't cough ALL night, only part of it...but we're still going to the doctor. I'm worried about how deep in her chest this cold has moved, and I want to rule out the idea of it being something more than a cold. I suspect that she is on the mend, but I want the doctor to confirm that.

I am so pleased with my painting project from yesterday. That stairwell has been an eyesore since before we moved in, and it's amazing what a little paint can do. There's still a board that needs replacing (hard to explain, but on the ceiling) and I hope to get that done this weekend - it's not a tough project, just needs DOING!

I have two other projects that I think I will do soon:
1. Paint the downstairs bathroom. It's "fresh" paint from the previous owners, but it's a hideous shade of peach. Not my style at all, and ready for a change. I painted one wall the same blue as our upstairs, but due to different lighting it looks gray, which is not great for a dark, small room, so I'm going to go with a pale yellow, I think.
2. Touch up all the white trim and the doors. I really like the crisp white of our trim, offset against the colors of the walls, but it's getting a little tired looking. The bathroom door, in particular, could use a nice coat of fresh paint, and I'd like to update the hardware hooks that hold our bathrobes (somebody painted over them in the past, and I'd like shiny silver ones).

Each of these projects is relatively small, and inexpensive (we already have the paint and supplies). If I dedicated a day to each one, the results would be significant.

Of course, though, there's the garden, and I need to do more work on it first.

Ryan's next big project is replacing the fence between our house and Steven & Sarah's house. Steven and Ryan are going to do it together, and (as all good neighbors should) split the costs. My personal request is that we put up a tall pole for a clothesline that I can access from our deck; we'll see how that goes and how much difficulty it adds. We had planned on doing our front porch first, but though the fence looks okay from our side on Steven & Sarah's it's obvious that it's about to fall over...sigh.

Let's hope we get a good tax refund!

I'll update if there's any real news about Tessa's doctor's appointment - but I do assume that it's "just a bad cold."

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