Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh dear God not another one!

From a YSC acquaintance:
sorry to leave ya'll go for tykerb, billirubin was too high...saw oncologist today, billirubin is still going's at 23....he sounds like i might have a week, i'm due for doxil on monday, but he's not sure it's doing much good for husband asked to try xeloda again, he said he wasn't sure how much dose he could give with my liver so bad....he said he's still trying cause i had originally told him in the beginning to never give up...whatever, i wish he would think of something miraculous....

i'm sorry i haven't taken the calls, but i felt all cried out and didn't want to cry anymore....but i cried a plenty i've got to tell my kids something....something.....poor little sara did tell me that if she couldn't see me anymore could she always stare at my pictures....okay, there i go again....tired of ya'll

I pray that this is wrong, that I'm reading this wrong, that "might have a week" turns into decades. This is so unfair.

I hate cancer.