Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brief catch-up

This must be short, but I wanted to update to tell everyone that I am well, just busy. My health feels fabulous right now and my energy levels are up...just in time to get ready for my surgery on Wednesday. I'm scheduled to be admitted to Swedish at 5:30am on Wednesday morning, with a 7:30am surgery time. I will be in the hospital 5 days, we think, heading home on Monday.

I need to do an MRI to make sure that there is no cancer in the breast they're removing (that would change the surgery type), and this brings back terrible memories of the last MRI. I'm praying that it will be very different this time, both emotionally and in terms of results.

This weekend we're going to Orcas Island to visit with Marisa & Max and enjoy the cabin. We can't wait!