Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Return of the muffin-top

(I really must be the extrovert that I think I am....am I really writing about this online?!)

My muffin-top is back. ARGH! I have been off program, eating whatever I feel like pretty much, and my clothes are tight again. Today I stepped on the scale, and it told me what I already knew....some pounds have crept back on. Dang it!

I can't stand the muffin top. Talk about unflattering - ugh. And the low-rise style that has been so popular is the WORST for someone with a muffin top. And have I mentioned that it's summer and I want to wear clothes that are more revealing - shorts, tank-tops, and even bathing suits? And that I promised myself to wear a bikini all summer? Bikinis and muffin-tops are mortal enemies, that's certain, and they shouldn't be in the same room together. DRAT!

So, hoping to cut my losses, I'm back on Weight Watchers. I'm announcing it publicly in the hope that it will keep me honest, and also to inspire anyone else who is struggling with weight loss....if I can do it, they can too. There's nothing "magic" about how I lost my 40 pounds, and there's nothing "magic" about how I put 10 back on. The only magic is in how I will feel when I lose those pounds again! I know what to do, and how to do it. Time to begin!

Ryan's high school reunion is coming up this summer (end of July) and I completely intend to be the hot wife. I WILL meet my goal, wear a pretty dress, and look good in it. :-)

It's unfortunate that my truth to myself (it's not like these pounds leapt on to my body overnight, and my clothes have been telling me for a few weeks) today, the day before a week at Orcas Island, but that's okay. Better to discover it now than to eat like Bacchas all week and add on even more. Time to pay the piper!