Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three left

The title of this post makes me think back to chemo and radiation, when I was counting down. For chemo, the starting number was 16, for radiation it was 33, and, if my calculations are correct, I am counting down from 43 for Herceptin. If I've counted accurately, then I've completed 40 Herceptin appointments.

44 times going to the treatment center (40 Herceptin plus the 4 chemos that came before I started Herceptin) for a drug that is infused through an IV. Forty-four times being poked with a needle and receiving an IV, either through the port or through my arm. Forty-four times hearing the stories of other patients. Forty-four times having to squash the fear that rises in my throat; forty-four times having to remind myself that I'm okay that it's not me that I'm doingeverythingIcan and reminding myself, if possible, not to hyperventilate. I've been successful so far with keeping my emotions relatively controlled; I do not fight the nurses, I do not cry, I do not refuse to go.

For some reason, as I approach the end of my Herceptin treatment, it's getting harder for me each time I go to the treatment center. No side effects from Herceptin that I am aware of, and my veins complied this time, and life is good....but still, Cancerland is Cancerland.

Off to better things today...!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Four more Herceptin

Tomorrow I get my fourth-to-last Herceptin. My last one will be September 27, and I am counting down the days.

I am so, so, so tired of being in Cancerland. I have to psych myself up to go to the appointment. Last time I got 5 needles because my veins weren't compliant, but that's the least of it. I always overhear some horrible conversation about cancer running rampant in someone's body, or hear someone crying, or hear a nurse making hospice (end of life) arrangements on the phone for a patient, or someone throws up, or something. It's no way to spend the morning, I tell you that. Bah humbug.

Herceptin is a wonderful drug. I'm glad to get it. I believe in it, and it's worth it. But I hate Cancerland.

Monday, July 23, 2007

MIL Apartment Available in West Seattle!

Ryan and I have reached the decision that our lives would be better with some extra cash. (That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - everyone can use extra cash!) We are very fortunate in that our house has a built-in mother-in-law apartment, and so we're going to rent it out for some extra income. We feel good about this decision, as it prevents me from returning to work, and it's an asset we already have, so we might as well make use of it. Our house is big enough for us even without the basement - we have tons of storage in our attic, Tessa's room is a large play-space, and we still have the living room and dining room for entertaining. We are so fortunate to have this option!

Anyway, here's the email I just sent out to a few friends to announce that we're starting to look for a tenant; I'm putting it here because you just never know who might be readint this and looking for a place to live. Please send me your referrals for people who might want a quiet place to live, close to the shops, near the bus line, in a great part of West Seattle.

Hello, friends!

Do you know anyone who might be looking for a quiet place in West Seattle?
Ryan and I have decided that we are going to prepare our basement (which already has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, bedroom, and living room) for rent to bring in some extra rental income. We're doing some small upgrades (buying a stove, new flooring in the kitchen, installing a new door for the downstairs entrance, paint, etc.), and hope to have it ready for a tenant in mid-August or thereabouts, hopefully to have someone move in by September 1. The apartment is 1000+ sq. feet, and all utilities (including basic cable and internet access; no phone included) will be included in the rental cost; we will share the laundry facilities. A cat would be welcome; no dogs, please (our one dog is enough!). Our ideal tenant would be a single woman, but we don't discriminate. ;-) Absolutely no smoking.

We haven't yet determined the fair rental value, but we're working on that and getting some comps to compare it to (looking at about $700/month). Right now I thought I'd start with word of mouth to see if any of you knew someone who might be interested.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please let us know or pass along this message! We won't be prepared to show the place until mid-August, but I hope to generate some interest before then. :-) Anyone interested can email me at .


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Love this graphic

Someone on the YSC boards had this as part of their signature. I am feeling decidedly UN-Wonderwoman-ish today, but still love this picture.