Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orcas Island

We are almost ready for Orcas Island! I'm packing bags right now - we've got Tessa's book bag, my book bag, Tessa's suitcase, Shep's food etc. all ready to go. I'll stuff some clothes in a bag, as will Ryan, and then load up the car topper, and we'll be off in the morning.

Marisa is a dear friend, and a long-time one. It is a treat and a pleasure to spend time with her, at the cabin or anywhere, and we're glad to share the weekend with her. Shep is excited because Max is coming, and I'm excited to have girl-time with my dear friend. Ahhhhhh - bliss!
(This is also a good way to get my mind off of the Ward's move - I don't want to be all mopey and ridiculous about it. Of course I will miss them, but life will continue for them and for me, and I'm glad to have something wonderful to do.)

On Orcas we will watch the ocean, hike in the forest, browse the bookstore, hunt for pretty rocks on the beach, observe herons and gulls and occassional seals, river otters, or (if we're extremely lucky but we don't count on it) orca whales. Deer come out at dusk and watch us as closely as we watch them.

We can see a zillion stars at night when it's clear.

We'll sit in the hot tub and drink wine. We'll listen to CDs on the stereo. We'll play! Marisa and I always cook together, too. Yummm.

Have a good week, everyone. Ryan will only be gone a couple of days but Tessa, Shep and I will stay on the island until later next week, taking advantage of the cabin's early summer vacancy.



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