Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ladies Lunch

Today I watched Kelton & Camille while Heather went for a run, and then Heather watched Tessa while I took Shep for a walk/run. When we were all back at my house, we were hungry - and here's what we hatched up for lunch. It was DELICIOUS - I could eat it by the bucketful. :-)

Ladies' Lunch Salad

3 garden fresh radishes (purple variety)
handfuls of garden fresh lettuce
about two dozen shrimp
half a large avocado
yellow pear tomatoes

lemon juice
olive oil

To prepare:
Have two five year olds and a two year old pick the garden produce. Wash well. (One of ours was accidentally placed into a cup of coffee by a two year old; you may omit this step if you choose.) Chop and tear into bite sized pieces.

To make the dressing:
Using a mortar and pestle (did I spell that correctly?), smash up a couple of garlic cloves with a healthy dose of coarse sea salt until they make a paste. Add this paste to an old jar with lid, and add lemon juice and olive oil to taste. Shake well to mix.

To make the shrimp:
Sprinkle the shrimp with salt and pepper. Oil a grill pan, and place it on the BBQ. Two minutes per side, dose with lemon juice a couple of times while cooking.

Toss all ingredients together - ambrosia! The avocado creates a creaminess in the salad, and the spice of the radishes balances the mellow lettuce flavors. I'll be making this one regularly from here on out.

(Note: We got frozen shrimp at Costco in a resealable bag, so we can remove a handful at whim. Not too expensive....but probably not green, either, and certainly not local. I'll have to work on that aspect.)

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