Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I cried.

How could I not? I love the Ward family, and Jenny in particular, and it is really hard to say goodbye. It is bearable because they are returning in December for a visit, and because we will visit in February....but they are some of the threads that weave the cloth of our lives, and things will unravel slightly without their presence.

Tessa gave Zoe a "pen pal box" for her Panama present. It contained stationary, cards, stickers, and sparkly pens, all for writing letters back and forth. Tessa has one, too, and can't wait to begin writing letters. It is a reminder of our connection.

Jenny, if you are reading this, know this: You are an amazing woman, and you have touched my life deeply. I have tried to write you a "bon voyage" card and haven't yet been able to do it....I feel clumsy and awkward in the attempt. I am going to miss you more than I can say, but I know that true friendship never dies, and that our friendship will last. Sometimes you just know these things.

See you in December, Ward family. Our guest room will be waiting for you!...but until then, safe travels. xoxoxox

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