Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A surprise blog comment

Today I got a blog comment in reference to a post I'd made about Kiss My Face sunscreen. T his in itself is unsurprising, but the source of the comment was the VP of Marketing for Kiss My Face and THAT surprised me quite a bit.

I am impressed with their commitment to hear from their customers.

Here's the comment, and my response:


I am delighted to hear from you - thank you for soliciting my feedback. When I updated my friends and family about my quest to be green, I certainly didn't expect to hear from corporate headquarters for any of the products.

The Kiss My Face sunscreen that I bought was really, really runny. When I tipped the tube to squeeze some out, the consistancy was more like water than lotion, so that it flowed all over (into my wedding ring, dripping on the floor, etc.). I expect green products to have some differences, certainly, but this one surprised me. Isn't there something to make it a little less liquid, so that it's easier to "catch" and so it isn't so messy?

I haven't tried a lot of Kiss My Face products; the sunscreen was my first and only, so I can't give feedback on others.

I hope that you, as well, have a great day. Again, thank you for soliciting my feedback. I appreciate it immensely, and it honestly makes me more likely to try your products in the future. Please let me know if there is another product of yours that you'd recommend that has an easier-to-use consistancy, and I'll give it a shot!
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Lewis has left a new comment on your post "General Updates: Green report, Weight Watchers, Li...": Hi, I am the VP of Marketing at Kiss My Face and read that you arent a fan of our sunscreen. I would love to know what you didnt like about it so we can try to improve it. Thanks for your comments and please also let me know if you have thoughts on our other products. have a great day! Lewis Goldstein
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Sue said...

That's really nice of them to take the time to care about what you had to say, Kristina!

I had a similar experience with their Fragrance Free Moisture Shave - I thought it was a little too runny, and a little too slimey. I'll use it, but probably wouldn't repurchase it. However, I am a big fan of the Kiss My Face Honey Calendula Ultra Moisturizer - most moisturizing hand cream *ever* - and I LOVE!! their Peaceful Patchouli Shower Gel - it smells divine and doesn't irritate my skin (which in itself is a difficult task - I react to everything).

Sue said...

Oh, I wanted to say too that you've been an inspiration to me to contact companies about their products and especially about their packaging, and have also received back some thoughtful comments from them about what they are doing towards greener, sustainable products. The lastest company I contacted was Living Harvest, an Oregon company that makes hemp protein powder. Their product comes in small jars that hold 15 servings - I go through 2 a month, and although it's recyclable plastic, I'd rather have a larger container. They said they've received other similar comments and are looking into it.