Sunday, April 19, 2009


We gardened most of the day, and the front is dug up as much as we're going to do it this year. The idea that we could get rid of ALL of the grass was just a bit too overwhelming this year, but we've dug up a substantial portion - tripling last year's garden - and it's just sitting and getting ready. (The method we use buries the sod up-side-down, so we have to wait for it to compost itself, about six weeks from now. That's good timing for summer veggies like basil and tomatoes and zuchinni and such that need warmer weather, anyway. The spring veggies are planted in the "old" bed.)

We received some borage plants as a gift from neighbors, and they went into the ground, along with my first rhubarb plant. (Might need to get more rhubarb, hmmmm.) I also planted some more herbs in pots - cilantro, chives, and oregano, in addition to the parsley, thyme, rosemary, and sage that we already have on the go. Still need to get basil, tarragon, maybe a bay plant....

And we're TIRED. Manual labor is hard work.

I wrote my boss to postpone my meeting. I want to make it worth his time, and I want to complete the first two chapters to give him. So, tomorrow will be a work day after Tessa goes to school.....

Tessa's in the tub, nearly time to get her out to go. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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