Saturday, April 25, 2009

The day in review

- A lovely time at tea at Krystal's table at her church in Monroe - beautiful decor made by Krystal, lovely food, nice people. Well worth the drive!

- A breast cancer moment at said tea. There was a series of skits done for entertainment, and they centered around women's friendships. Suddenly, there was The Breast Cancer Skit. One friend has cancer, and reflects on the friendships in her life. I was boo hoo'ing. I couldn't stop. I got mascara all over Krystal's linen napkins. Damn I hate it when it catches me off guard like that. Sometimes it just glides over me, and sometimes....sometimes it's too much. It was okay, it didn't ruin anything....I was just overcome by emotion for about five minutes. (Thanks, Krystal, for a soft touch and for understanding.)

- A really fun birthday party at Camp Long that had at least 25 six year olds plus their parents. By the end, the kids were sugared up and crazy, and they ran around in packs like wolf pups. We could see them, they were safe, and it made me happy to see Tessa comfortable with the group...even though she did resemble a feral child for a bit there. (At home, bathed and with her hair washed, sleepy face on her pillow, I breathed a sigh of relief.) I think it's good for kids to get to run wild, get dirt - real dirt, made of soil and plant bits - on their clothes, and laugh and make noise and go fast and get out of arm's reach from adults. She's such a big girl - she could do this. (Yes, I kept my eyes on her. She might not have noticed, but I didn't look away!)

- Home again, and baking. A cake for the church's un-birthday party tomorrow. (The chocolate cakes are done; the vanilla frosting is done; tomorrow morning when the cakes are cool I'll frost them and then decorate with viola flowers from the garden.) And bread so that we can have sandwiches for lunch - it's in the machine.

- And now it's time for bed. Yawn!

PS I booked the 40th birthday trip with Carolyn & Susan - our mutual celebration of turning 40. We're going to Portland at the end of next month - hurrah! I still need to figure out what to do for my "real" birthday in September.....ideas, anyone?

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