Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alki days

I write from a coffee shop on Alki Beach, where the large windows are thrown open to let the ocean breeze come through, and the water is sparkling, and the mountains are crisp. Fit people run by with their bouncing dogs, moms are arriving with beach bags and toddlers, and there is a steady hum of people talking and birds chirping and an occassional car going by. It's like being at a resort, and I am humbled to think that this is MY community, and that on this gloriously sunny day, it's mine for the taking.

As much as I'm torn to either take Shep for a run or just sink my toes in the sand while I read a magazine, I am here to work on the Hunts Point book. It's taking form, growing its shape, and though I find it incredibly frustrating that the words don't come easily and I feel like I'm slogging through oatmeal to make it happen, progress does come.

But only if I work on it. So, for the next few hours, here I am. I'm in one of the most beautiful spots, and I'm pursuing my dreams. Could be much worse!

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Health/Life Balance said...

Small world - you're probably at the same coffee house that my other half is headed to this afternoon to work! I love that place, although disappointed that they don't have rice milk anymore. :(

Enjoy your day at Alki and hope the writing gets easier!