Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michelle Obama wrote Tessa!

As I'd mentioned earlier in the blog, Tessa wrote Malia and Sasha Obama a letter after their dad took over the presidency.

Today she got a response! It's on official White House paper, with an embossed stamp, and it's signed personally by Michelle Obama. It seems like a form letter, except for the last line...

"I appreciate how hard you worked on your letter. Keep up the good work!"

Tessa had, indeed, labored over it. She copied what I wrote for her (which she had dictated to me), and there was erasing and re-writing and careful editing....all of which was quite visible in the end result. She'd used our nicest notecards, and she had tried so hard. I suddenly wish I'd taken a picture of it. :-)

I love Michelle Obama!

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me said...

that's awesome and lovely. have you ever seen this book with letters-to-the-president from kids to obama? it's pretty adorable -