Monday, March 23, 2009


There is no plastic cheese in my house.

You can find cheese from the Farmer's Market, you can find Tillamook cheddar, you can find Manchengo and parmesan, but you will not find Kraft Singles in my refrigerator.

But you already knew that.

Tessa brings her lunch to school with her most days. Last week, she came home and said that her lunch was "the best." "What did I pack again?" I asked, forgetful as usual. She told me, but then added, "I didn't like it, though, so I went to the sharing table. I got a sandwich and it was SOOOO good!"

She had actually brought part of the sandwich home, so I asked to see it. I even took a nibble so that I could verify.

Yup. White bread with fake cheese, grilled with margarine.

As a part of my parenting philosophy, I said, "I'm glad you liked it honey." When she said, "Will you make that for me?" I said "I'll make you grilled cheese, sure!" When she said, "Just like this one?" I had to say, "No." I added that what other people did was their own business, of course, and she could share her friends' food....but I don't use that kind of cheese.

Too funny (to me, anyway). This granola organic locavore mom is going to raise a Kraft mac-n-cheese girl who adores Top Ramen, Velveeta, and cake from boxes. Ah well, I'm trying!

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