Friday, March 27, 2009

Really hopeful

I have been chewing on the idea that my fatigue and memory issues are not cancer treatment related.

Suddenly, I am filled with optimism. Perhaps the real me will return! Perhaps I am not stuck in this body, but this body can change (for the better). Perhaps I will get more energy, perhaps I will have a working mind....

Please oh please oh please. I am so very tired (bad pun) of all of this.

So today I'm hopeful. Maybe a tune-up and I'll be good to go again!

In a sadder note, unrelated to myself....
Today I logged on to the YSC to find out that a single mom was diagnosed with mets. She's coming up three years since diagnosis, and her lungs "lit up like a Christmas tree" on her last scan. I hate cancer. Please put her in your thoughts or prayers. Please include her young son in those thoughts and prayers.

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