Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Internal Debate

I have an opportunity to take on a volunteer position for Alki that would commit me at least 5 hours per week, plus meetings. (This equates to one day per week while Tessa is at school, plus some.)

Involves writing. Involvement in Tessa's school.

Big time commitment.

I'm not writing as much as I want to, I'm not bringing in as much income as I want to, and I'm certainly not exercising as much as I want to.

Sigh. I want to do it all. But can I? Should I?

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Health/Life Balance said...

I was recently struggling with a similar debate on what to take on (if anything). A friend who is a life coach had me work through some of it to make a decision. When you talk about doing the volunteer job, does your face light up? Does it excite you? Or does it feel like something you "have" to do? Also, is there some important thing you'll get out of this position? A sense of satifaction, respect, whatever? If so, do you currently get that from something else you do? If not, how important is it that you get that from this opportunity? If you decide that no, you're not going to do it, does that make you sad, or do you sigh in relief?

We definitely need to prioritize the things we do and what they mean to us. Also, is it something that, if you agree, you are committed for a certain amount of time, or can you back out if you realize it's overwhelming? That makes a difference on whether to do it or not too. I think we don't serve anyone well if we stretch ourselves too thin, even if everything we are doing resonates with us.

I hope some of that is helpful in your decision making!