Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Party

Our church holds an annual auction as a fundraiser, and of course asks for donations. I decided to donate a tea party, and the auction sold tickets. Today I've been preparing...for tomorrow is the big day!

I have taken great joy in bringing out Aunt Helen's pink Limoge china, the lacy napkins made by my Great Grandmother Brown (my mother's mother's mother), wedding china, and all fo the silly collected items that I've picked up at thrift shops. I say "silly" because who really needs pink and gold china items - but I love every bit of it.

There is something so incredibly restful about a tea party. Women gathered together to relax in the middle of the day - ahhhh. Delicious things to eat (including curried mango chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber dill sandwiches, creme freshe with lox....and sweets such as chocolate vanilla cupcakes, brownies, and blueberry lemon tea bread; and no tea is complete without scones with lemon curd, preserves, and cream....) with piping hot tea.

And the teapot that Grandpa Goddard gave me goes so delightfully with the tablecloth he gave me. And the sofa that we sit on every day is just so "right" for a tea party. Did Grandpa have this in mind when he gifted me these items?

The timing is terrible because I don't feel great, but it's okay, because I do love a good tea party. All this baking (and cleaning!) wears me out, but tomorrow will be the reward of enjoying the effects of my labors.


Heather Hisatomi said...

Thanks for all of your hard work in getting ready for the tea party - I can hardly wait to enjoy it : ) Hope you are feeling better in the morning...

Anonymous said...

Your Tea Party setting looks so-o-o
inviting.Have a lovely time.
Mary S

Anonymous said...

what a delightful idea. i wish i could go to a party like that.