Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ode to the Library

I have been falling in love with the library almost daily lately.

I owned a copy of Sarah McLachlan's 'Surfacing' album, but somehow ended up with just the empty case and liner notes. So, I got it from the library.

I was looking for a good read, and stumbled into The Art of Racing in the Rain -which I finished last night, with sighs of contentment. (Disclaimer: I skipped the entire section where the mom's illness overtakes her and she dies. Just couldn't do it.)

I've been doing yoga videos from the library, and loving it, because some of them are great and some stink, so I can learn which one I want to buy by test driving them. On hold right now is Yoga for stress relief .

Tessa requests "Saddle Club" videos, Ryan reads sci-fi and historical fiction, and I read, well, just about everything else.

Go check it out.


Health/Life Balance said...
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Health/Life Balance said...

I love the library. I've always got like 50 things in my queue on a variety of topics, and often wonder what they think of me with some of the offbeat stuff I borrow!