Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not romantic

I have romantic versions of things. (No surprise to those who know me.)

I read a book by Alexandra Stoddard years ago that said that if you felt yourself coming down with a bug, it would be a good idea to stop at the store and pick up your favorite magazines, tea, and fresh flowers for yourself. Before you crawled into bed, you should change your sheets and put on your favorite pajamas, put out the flowers, and make the tea. Then, revel in the downtime. Take care of yourself, and enjoy yourself despite the illness.

I like this. I liked it then, and I like it now. It doesn't fix things, and it doesn't cure illness, but it does help in general.

Today Tessa is feeling crummy, and tonight she's feeling even crummier. She took a nap this afternoon, and we know that really means something for our active girl. She is beside herself, she feels so blue. It's not romantic, not at all. I can soothe her, give her medicine, read to her (not enough....sigh), watch Mamma Mia with her, snuggle with her, play with her bear with her....but it's not enough. She just wants to feel better.

Even though this is just a little illness - probably a sinus infection - and not life threatening, I feel so protective of my sweet daughter. I did enjoy our time together today, and the slowness of it all....but it's not enough. I want her well, and I want her well NOW.

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