Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to the doctor

Yesterday at about 4pm Tessa started saying "Mommy, I don't feel well." She fell asleep at dinner.

She's asleep right now, actually.

We went to the doctor again today and she got an influenze test - negative. The doctor (this is twice in one week) said that she's caught yet another bug, despite the fact that she was on antibiotics. Since the azithromycin (sp?) stays in her system for 10 days (today is day 5) the doc didn't want to double we're in wait and see mode. If she worsens, or is still feverish on Monday, back to the doc we go.

No hanging out with friends. No church tomorrow. Sad!

I hate it when she's sick and I'm powerless to help her feel better. I can buy her a treat from Bakery Nouveau, I can take her to the doctor, I can read her stories, I can clean her room (quite a project!) while she rests in bed and watches me....but I can't make her feel better.

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