Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alternate plans

At about 1am, that cough that has followed Tessa for weeks caught up with her. It came with hacking, a fever, aches and a headache. Poor kid! We soothed her, gave her coughdrops, brought her into our bed....

I am exhausted. Tessa is faring better today - at home, of course - but Ryan and I are only alive due to the miracle of coffee.

I brought Tessa to the doctor today, and she agreed that it was time for antibiotics. Tessa took her first dose today, and we should have a full recovery by Monday. If not, back to the doc we go.

So now we're home, and Mamma Mia is on (Tessa loves it as much as I do), we're drinking peppermint tea (milk and sugar for Tessa; plain for me), we've stocked up on Ricola cough drops and tissues (in the pink floral box, of course), and all is well for the moment.

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