Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday musings

First, in the news:
I really wish that all news was more like this. A portrait of Shakespeare painted in his lifetime? Now that's something I can get excited about. I find it significantly harder to get excited about bail-outs, crime, unemployment, and the like. We live in interesting times.

We did have a good weekend, though it was perhaps too busy. Time was spent with friends, I did some cooking, Tessa had playdates, and we even got some chores done around the house.

It's funny to me how the little chores just make my life so much more pleasant. Ryan hung a cabinet (removed from the kitchenette downstairs) in the laundry room, and the whole laundry room is brighter as a result. I cleaned up the attic, and we're creating a meditation room up there....and I just love it.

Sometimes, physical housecleaning leads to mental housecleaning, and that is the best part. A friend was in need, and so I sent off a giant box of prosthetic breasts and bras with pockets in them. I did it to help her, but suddenly I feel a burden lifted from myself, as well. Why was I holding on to them? Was I just waiting to need them again? Well, whatever the reason, I am so grateful to have them OUT OF MY LIFE. I'm enjoying putting my house in order, both because I enjoy the orderliness of the aesthetics, but mostly because it clears my mind.

Today I'm feeling cluttered and disjointed, but I'm working through it. I received a number of materials on Hunts Point to go through, and I'm doing that. I've got laundry going. I'm working on the book instead of finishing up the attic project.....

Speaking of disjointed, this blog post is disjointed. I'll sign off, then, and blog for real some other time.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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