Friday, October 17, 2008

Staying Home

Well, here we are.

Tessa's throat is scratchy, she's running a bit hot, and she feels achy and tired.

School has been contacted, our carpool ride has been contacted, Daddy has been told. Next, we need to notify the Portland folks....we're not going anywhere.


Tessa is fine - it's just one of those bugs going around. I, too, woke up with a scratchy throat but I hope that mine will disappear quickly.

Yesterday Tessa didn't want to do much besides vege in front of the TV (which I don't usually let her do, so it's a treat when she's sick), so I baked. I made sunflower seed bread, chocolate chip cookies, AND new granola.

(Note to those in the know: how come my granola didn't clump nicely? I followed the recipe and it tastes good but it didn't get those little crunchy clumps that are so delicious.)

The tablecloths and soup were delivered to the pot-luck at Alki, and I'm told the event went well.

Today? Not sure what we'll do - not baking, though. I'll take care of some filing (I let it pile up again -ugh), do a few chores around here....not much. Maybe Tessa and I will paint our nails later in the day.

Bunkering down. Fortunately, I went grocery shopping earlier this week, and we're all stocked up. Nothing much to do but heal.

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