Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dinner with Gagging

Remind me not to make my family Split Pea Soup with Ham ever again.

Gagging, choking, and other lovely sound effects from the little one. Terror in the eyes of the big one.

Oh my.

Tonight I served leftovers of aforementioned soup to Tessa since Ryan's in Portland. The gagging increased about 100 times for the reheated version.

I told Tessa I wouldn't make it again for a long time and she actually cheered.

Oh well - you win some, you lose some. I guess we're done with that for the foreseeable future....!


Sue said...

My stepmother used to make pea soup often. Her youngest daughter had a reaction to it similar to Tessa's. But instead of your reasoned response, she instead decided that she was the mom, and "we aren't running a cafeteria here," and that girl was going to eat the soup if it killed her. She'd make Laura sit at that table for an hour, giving her no other food. And if she didn't eat it, she got it for breakfast, COLD, the next day. I think of Laura every time I enjoy a bowl of pea soup. Of course, one can hardly blame anyone for choking over my stepmother's food. LOL!

Kristina said...

I had those experiences too - but for me it was liver. To this day, the mere mention (or worse, smell) of liver makes me gag. Ughhhhhh.

The first night Tessa kevetched (did I spell that properly?) about it but she and Ryan were tired and hungry and didn't complain too much. But the second night, I actually felt sorry for the poor kid - she was NOT happy.

I am the mom, and I don't run a cafeteria (Tessa eats what we eat) but my compromise is that I can make food we all like most of the time. I make my curry a little less spicy so that Tessa can enjoy it; I don't make her eat mashed potatoes, etc. I'm lucky that I have a child who eats most things pretty happily, so I don't want to push my luck.

(But if she said, "No! I want chicken nuggets!" I'd laugh her out of the kitchen. Not in this house!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sad! I lost my mom years ago, but when I make her split pea soup, and float croutons in it, for a few minutes I'm back in Our Town, living with my parents again.

My daughter doesn't eat split pea soup either.
Their loss.