Thursday, October 16, 2008

Change of plans

Well, I was going to be helping to put on the kindergarten social this evening; this week I've been exchanging emails and phone calls, shopping for last minute items, and getting things organized to bring the Alki kindergarten families together.

Well, change in plans. Par for the course, I guess!

I spent the morning volunteering in Tessa's classroom, and she was fine. I got a call at 1:30pm from the school nurse saying that Tessa felt ill and had been resting for 45 minutes in her office. Uh oh! I thought she might be faking (she looked great earlier...) but no, indeed, she is sick.

So, I'm madly sending out email, getting someone to pick up my potluck dish at 5pm, and getting someone else to deliver the tablecloths to my co-coordinator right after school.


Tessa is okay, just tired and achy...I'm sure it's just a bug, and another child went home sick, too. But it's no fun, so I need to pamper my girl.

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