Thursday, June 12, 2008

The sun is out!

Literally - it is glorious outside right now.

And figuratively, too. Tonight Tessa graduates from preschool, and she is so excited and proud of herself. Her enthusiasm is contagious - this is a very big deal to her, and we can't help but feel her energy. She's quivering with happiness like a wiggly puppy, and I love it.

And I get to be a part of it. Cancer is not around today. I will be there at this first of (hopefully many) graduations. Today that little dream comes true, and I, too, am shaking with the emotion of it. This time, not trembling in fear, but quivering with happiness like my daughter.

I had lunch with Michele, and delighted in sharing in our friendship, healthy food, and children.

And the garden rewarded us today, too! Our first crops are coming in: radishes and strawberries are being harvested today. Our salad will have fresh garden lettuce in it, as well as radishes, and when Ryan comes home Tessa and Daddy will go and pluck the sun-warmed berries from the vines and then pop them straight into their mouths together. Bliss!

And my parents are coming over, along with my grandma, to share in the graduation bliss and to share an early Father's Day dinner.

What a lovely day. Hallelujah!

All will be well

All will be well

All manner of things

Will be well......

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