Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weather is getting old. I think I will wear jeans and a turtleneck today. For real. In JUNE! Still, the weather isn't slowing us down...we're doing lots of things.

Yesterday, "things" meant cleaning. I went through Tessa's room for a deep clean, including throwing away a big bag of random little bits of things (birthday party favors, scraps of paper, broken bits), moving some things downstairs, organizing books, changing sheets....and dusting and vacuuming. Actually, I cleaned so much that I had to vacuum TWICE because I stirred up so much dust. (Yuck.)

And then I started on the rest of the house. The bathrooms didn't get touched but I did a lot of work on other parts.

Not great blogging material, but still, very satisfying. If I can't get my body in good working order, I can get my HOUSE in good working order. Yes, I am a control freak. Yes, I'm okay with that. (And if being a control freak helps me to clean my house, well, I'll take whatever help I can get.)

As I type, Tessa and Jessie are sharing knock-knock jokes and laughing. Mostly they are telling groaners and "five year old humor" like "Knock knock; Who's there?; Salt and pepper; hahahahahahaaaa!" but they ARE learning some jokes and it's cute. Jessie spent the night last night and the girls have been great, playing, doing art, and just enjoying one another. They were both freaked out by the windstorm and a fear of losing the power, but other than that it was smooth sailing. I love the age of five!

This is Tessa's last week of preschool - she graduates on Thursday night. WOW. I'm glad that the preschool is having a ceremony; I want to mark the occassion as special, and I think *I* need to acknowledge it in some way. Ceremonies are useful in that way; they allow us to remember, to dream...and to live in the present. On Thursday night, I will reflect on how far Tessa has come, I will dream of Tessa's kindergarten year, and I will remember just how much I love my five year old daughter, and I will be present in that moment.

And that's all from me - off to my busy day. Ciao!

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