Saturday, June 14, 2008

More response to my letter, with my response

Thank you for your response.
When you make the changes you mention, I will be glad to buy your products again. I applaud you for working towards these goals of sustainability and "going green," and when I see Christopher Ranch products without plastic packaging (in particular) I will gladly buy them.

Kristina Surface
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Hello Kristina:
Thank you for contacting us. Farmers have inherently been stewards of the land - how else can we ensure the continuation of crops from year to year - and Christopher Ranch is no exception. We are going "green" and making many changes right now including:
Looking at ways to reduce packaging use in general, as well as:
. Significantly reducing petroleum based packaging materials like
plastic and cellophane
. Eliminating white cardboard and phasing out laminates to make all
packaging recycleable and biodegradeable
. Working towards compostability
. Trying to maximize post-consumer materials when packaging is
. Providing our offices with easy access to recycling bins for
cans/bottles/mixed paper.
. Working with all suppliers to insure that we have the most
environmentally friendly and up-to-date packaging available.
Christopher Ranch is trying to do its part to reduce, reuse and recycle so we appreciate your feedback and concern. Thank you for your support.
Christopher Ranch
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