Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now this feels like summer

Never mind the fact that I have jeans an a polarfleece AND a sweater on....

Today Ryan, Tessa and I purchased a small outdoor firepit for our backyard. (I figure that there has to be SOME good purpose for the concrete pad out there....and it IS fireproof.) We have spent the last hour roasting marshmallows for s'mores and listening to Tessa say, "I love s'mores! They're the best thing in the whole world! Can I have s'more?" and giggling at the pun.

I love camping. I love campfires. I don't particularly love s'mores (although our extra dark chocolate did help!) but I love roasting marshmallows. I love wearing fleece under the trees and watching the flames crackle. I love being with my family, and watching them smile. (And I love how Tessa climbed into Ryan's lap to wipe some marshmallow off his lip. Somehow very sweet.) We plan to camp for real next weekend, but this is a lovely intro to camping season.

(And we wondered if cousins Caleb and Joshua, on their way to Yellowstone today, were also roasting marshmallows by a fire....)

More to say....we went to the Habitat new house blessing for three units that were just completed, and it brought tears to my eyes to see the families who will take possession of those houses. I am glad to share in it. Tessa hand-delivered the money she raised at her lemonade stand, and was widely thanked. I pray that this leads her to a lifetime of charity and generousity, sharing her love and talent with the world, and that she remembers how GOOD it feels to give and is inspired to do even more.

Over and out....the fire hasn't died down and I think a glass of wine awaits me. Good night!

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