Saturday, June 27, 2009


Blue skies here.

After the slumber party disbursed, we tidied things up a bit, and then went to Lincoln Park with friends. Tessa Razor scootered, threw rocks in the sea, and built some kind of fort out of driftwood with three boys from her school, and the moms (Laurie & Jen & I) hung out and chatted and caught sunshine. We picnicked there - PB&J again for us because I really need to go grocery shopping !- and had a lovely time.

This afternoon, we did another hour or so of chores, and then went to Alki for the evening with Susan, Jackson, and Carter. Tessa did her usual stay-in-the-sea-til-she's-blue routine (lasting less time than usual, and shivering more...hmmm) and we planned a BBQ. I had brought charcoal briquettes and chicken and shrimp, and we planned to grill. Well, the joke was on me - I had the tablecloth and the enamelware plates and the reusable water bottles and all that....but the coals just would not ignite. We messed with it for a long time and gave up. Pepperdock serves great burgers, anyway. ;-) I suppose I can grill - at home on gas - tomorrow.

I'm tired from all the sun, but happy. I managed to fold three baskets of laundry and put them away, but of course the hamper is now filled with a day's worth of clothes, beach towels, tablecloth, and blanket....I should give up on trying to catch up! Oh well. My house is less than perfect, but I am living my life to the fullest, and that is all I can ask for.

PS Ryan did a 65 mile bike ride today and felt toasted as a result. He is going to be creaky tomorrow, I think. He's preparing for a longer ride in July.

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