Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poetry and Slumber Parties

I forgot to write a note about one feature of the SAM day - poetry. While Tessa and I were waiting for the water taxi to depart, she looked down and saw a spider web on the dock, just inches from the water. Tessa dictated the following poem to me:

Spider Living By the Sea

I am a spider
who lives by the sea.
I do not catch bugs,
I catch fish,
Because there are no bugs
by the ocean.
But fish tastes good.
When spiders live by the sea
there are no bugs
for them to eat.
Why I eat the fish
is because it tastes good;
Besides, I hate bugs.
You might think I'm weird
because I am a spider.
I have no friends -
Actually, I have one friend,
and it is a fish.
It is a jellyfish.

This will not make it into Granta but have I mentioned how much I love having a daughter who thinks that sitting on a boat and composing poetry is fun? Tessa wrote down the titles for two more poems to complete, as well: "I am a jellyfish" and "I am a starfish, living on a piling".

This morning I have Jessie & Zoe over, and the girls are in heaven. I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and they've been finishing up last night's movie (The Saddle Club).

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