Thursday, June 25, 2009

Girls Day Downtown

By "girls" I mean Tessa and myself. And it was nothing short of perfect.

Tessa and I walked to the Junction and caught the free Water Taxi Shuttle Bus. We had a few minutes until the water taxi arrived, so we talked to two women who were fishing off the dock for salmon, and I explained to Tessa how fishing works. (Of course, she wants to try fishing right now! We might just have to do it.) We caught the boat in to the city, and headed straight to the market for lunch: piroshkies. We sat on the curb and watched all the hubbub as we ate out of the paper sacks, and it was delicous. (Pike Place in summer is quite a scene!) Then we walked over to SAM, and Tessa and I enjoyed the Wyeth exhibit and wandered around a little, even choosing new china (ha!) for our tea parties from the huge china exhibit. When we were done with that, we wandered back to the market, and stood in the line for the miniature donuts that you get hot off the machine - "the best donuts ever" Tessa says, and I can't disagree. (Except the ones made just like that at Roche Harbor, because they were dipped in chocolate. YUM.) Back to the water taxi, and home again.


The whole day, including lunch, donuts, and water taxi, cost $10. We had Metro vouchers free from the Sustainable West Seattle Festival - hurrah! Sure we ate some sugary-fatty food, but we walked a lot....maybe that balances it out.

Tessa and I talked, and played, and just enjoyed each other. I felt so filled to the brim with the satisfaction of being this child's mother - of all the children, I got Tessa, and I couldn't imagine a better fit. Talking about art, wandering the market, riding the ferry, counting jellyfish from the dock....does it get much better?

It might. Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we think we'll go hiking. Perhaps friends will join us, perhaps not, and it just doesn't matter. We've decided to pack a picnic and our swimsuits, so that we can swim in Talapus Lake. We'll bring Shep, too, and he'll swoon from the pleasure of it....he didn't like being left home today.

I'll do laundry on....Saturday?

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