Sunday, May 03, 2009

West Seattle Days

This morning, after coffee and snuggles in bed (I love it when Tessa comes bounding in on the weekends, filled with smiles and snuggles!), Tessa and I took off for the Junction, on foot with Shep and an empty basket, and Ryan set to working on a friend's bike.

Tessa and I spent a few hours at the Sustainable West Seattle Fair, and we even got our picture taken with the mayor, (I am hoping that exposure to politicians will help her to feel connected to the political process; she's had her picture taken with Mayor Nickels and Gov. Gregoire now.) which you can view on the West Seattle Blog at Tessa got her "Undriver" license, whereby she promised to encourage her mom to carpool, skip the ride, bike, bus, or walk. We got free "green" lightbulbs, some magazine previews (for "Yes" and "Edible Seattle"), and literature about saving Puget Sound, visiting Camp Long, and the rest. Tessa got an on-the-spot crochet lesson with Elena (love running into friends!), and got her face painted by CoolMoms for a Hot Planet.

And then we headed to Skillet for lunch, and for meeting with Michele & Dave (Everett also in attendance, but Elliott was with his Grandma and Grandpa). We picnicked in the grass, Tessa picked weed-flowers from an abandoned lot, and we enjoyed the sun. And we also went to the Farmer's Market - smoked salmon, Cirrus cheese, asparagus, greens, the last frozen raspberries....


And now I've set the timer to take a half hour break, before I get in a couple hours of work on the book in preparation for tomorrow's meeting with my boss, Fred. I'll rest, then I'll dive back in to work on a sticky transition paragraph that's bugging me. Tessa and Ryan are off to a birthday party for a classmate....and Tessa is crocheting in the car.

What a lovely day.

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