Wednesday, May 06, 2009

State of being

It is kind of scary to feel this low-energy fatigue.

I used to be energetic, right? I used to do all kinds of things! Did I use up all of my energy already?

I'm in bed. And I'm so tired.

I went for my annual physical today. I'm going to wait to see if going off Aromasin helps, and if I don't feel a bit better in a month then they're going to send me for a sleep study. I am awake often through the night and I feel like I don't get any REM sleep and of course that could be causing problems. If it's joint pain from the Aromasin and hot flashes that are keeping me up, then maybe it will get better on its own. I also have a sinus polyp, so do I have problems like apnea going on, too?

I'm also going to try a "sleep aid" - Ambien CR - again. Since I don't have trouble falling asleep, I have trouble staying asleep, the controlled release might help.

I am going to figure this out. It is impacting my every minute these days and I'm so tired of that. (Bad pun.) Enough already.

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