Saturday, May 09, 2009


Yesterday I actually got some stuff done around the house and ran a couple of errands. We went to Paul & Libby's for Ramona's 70th birthday, and I stayed awake. (At 8pm I was exausted, but there was still the ride home....but I made it.)

This morning is the West Seattle Community Yard Sale and I hope to find a table to use as a potting bench, and maybe some tea party stuff. (Ryan's hoping that I find bike stuff.) And then I'm delivering soup to Habitat for Humanity for lunch, and then the rest of the day is quiet and I hope to get the rest of the garden prepped for planting tomatoes etc. tomorrow.

I've decided that part of the way that I feel is PMS meets Menopause. The little bit of estrogen produced by my adrenal glands (well, they produce aromatase, which is converted to estrogen in the body) feels like a tidal wave and my whole body is "off". I am really hoping that things regulate soon and I start to see improvements in my overall health instead of the backsliding I've been feeling.

My hands and feet still ache, but the sharpness has dissipated a bit - so that is an improvement!

This is my life, and I want to make the best of it. It was a rough week....I'm hoping it gets easier soon.

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