Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Simplicity Circles and Life

Last night was our second simplicity circle, kindly led by Rev. Peg. Ryan and I have elected to hold it at our house so that we can both attend without worrying about a babysitter. (This is a mixed blessing. Tessa was full of energy yesterday, and I didn't do a good job of balancing my mom duties with my simplicity zen. Hmm. I'll do better next time.)

I was fascinated by the fact that I was the only one in the group who viewed simplicity as about time; the others in the group were widely focused on de-cluttering. This does make sense to me - if you can't locate your stuff, it's actually a time issue. For me, though I struggle with some clutter (who doesn't in America?!) I generally feel like I have it under enough control that I just want to focus on time right now. How is it that I feel pulled in so many directions?

Every minute of every day feels full. When I am as fatigued as I am, that is particularly difficult. I need downtime, and I realize that I don't give myself much of it. As I add "working mom" - even part time, even from home - to my list of life, I am realizing this more than ever. When I took on the project, I didn't let anything else go. Well, where did I think my time would come from?

I am learning how to say "no" to many volunteer opportunities, even though it pains me. I'm still doing volunteer work at Alki and Family Promise, but not as much as I had been doing. My house is clean, but not as clean as before. I'm still doing home cooked meals, but yesterday I bought a rotisserie chicken from PCC as the meal's centerpiece. I'm still gardening, but it always goes more slowly than I hoped.

Little adjustments here and there. I will find my balance. But simplicity isn't simple, it's complicated.

Are you living simply? Are you embracing your innermost ideal self and letting go of the clutter of your life, whether that's stuff or time? How are you paying attention to what is real and best and important, and letting go of the minutea that gets in the way? I am really interested in this dialogue - please share your thoughts in a comment or an email. I'd love to know what you're up to.

"Live simply that others may simply live." - Ghandi

I'm pretty convinced that I am on to something here....but I have a long ways to go.

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jennyward said...

a wise old friend who became a dad past his mid-forties and is looking at number three coming in late summer once said to me that he was convinced he couldn't do more than 2 things well(dad + husband + musician was too much - he couldn't do then ALL WELL.
i thought "hogwash" at the time...but i tell you what.....mother and wife. there's a lot to those 2 biggies and there is not much time left afterwards when i feel like i am giving my best self to both of those endeavors.
Add working out, volunteering in classroom, trying to make a difference in other people's lives through several other fund-raising efforts and really - there is no way it all gets done well.
i agree that it is about time...and also attitude (state of mind....)bc when i have the time but not the heart (and i can't quite figure out what -besides hormone levels and sometimes - caffeine levels-lend to a good- or bad kind of a day) the time doesn't seem to matter much
.....you know - there are those days where you get SO MUCH DONE....and then those where - whether or not the time is there ...nothing gets done. with the time and the energy/attitude - it is SO easy to eliminate clutter...but it seems it must be the perfect storm....and i tell you - i wish it came in a pill.